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Corporate Philosophy

ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited is a pioneer in providing financial solutions.

The name ORIX comes from words "ORIGINAL" and the letter "X". The word "ORIGINAL" reflects the creativity that we put into our efforts to make our solutions fit our customer's needs and the letter "X (or infinity)" symbolises flexibility and diversity.


No two businesses are the same.

Every company has its own plans and goals. To achieve a vision, companies need to execute and implement their strategies effectively. Companies need effective options and solutions which provide leverage against any challenges ahead.

At ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited, we understand that need for financial solutions that allow your business to achieve its goals. Therefore, we take the time to understand your business in order to provide creative and customer-focused solutions to fit your business.


Our customers come from a diverse set of industries ranging from construction, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, marine and offshore, logistics and transport.

Each industry has its own characteristics and processes. Different industries have different requirements for equipment, liquidity and financing.

This is why we offer flexible solutions which suit the needs of our customers. Whether for local growth or overseas expansion, ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited's portfolio of financial solutions can be custom fit to your needs in order to allow you to expand your business and stay ahead of the competition.


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