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Companies need solutions that allow them to leverage on the value of their assets.

ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited provides solutions that allow businesses to access financing for the purchase of the new equipment and access to loans to support working capital needs.

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Financial Services

Financing Physical Assets

Where there is a need to fund a new capital investment, companies can rely on the ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited’s suite of financial solutions to efficiently acquire the asset.


Converting Assets to Cash Flows

Whether venturing into new areas, or coping with surges in demand, ORIX Leasing Singapore Limited can provide financial solutions to companies that need to address their cash flow requirements.



Rather than purchasing a new asset, leasing allows you to pay a rental for the use of an asset over a period of time. This eliminates the need for you to be concerned about asset obsolescence and asset disposal at the end of its useful life.
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Hire Purchase

When acquiring a new asset, Hire Purchase arrangements allow you to spread out payments over time and reduce your upfront costs while still enjoying the use and ownership of the asset.
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Commercial Property Loans

It is time to expand your facilities. Whether it is factory space, warehousing or even office premises, our Commercial Property Loans give you the capability to find the space needed to grow your business.
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Shipping Loans

Purchasing a new vessel is a big commitment and subject to the demands of global trade. We can customise loans to help you manage your risk and finance the acquisition of the new vessel.
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Vendor Financing

Our Vendor Financing solutions allows equipment vendors to provide lease or hire purchase arrangements to their customers that purchase their equipment.
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Working Capital Loans

When you need fast and flexible credit for business growth and expenses, we can help structure financing to help you meet your working capital needs.
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Merchant Cash Advance

Businesses that accept payments by credit and/or debit card can get immediate funds based on their credit or debit card receivables. Future credit or debit card receipts can be purchased with an upfront cash payment, injecting liquidity into the business.
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Debenture Loans

For companies that require financing and are able to provide their unencumbered assets as collateral, ORIX Leasing Singapore can provide financing in the form of debenture loans.
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Letters of Credit

If you have assets being shipped in from overseas, we can provide letters of credit to your international suppliers to facilitate the import of equipment or machinery.
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Project Financing

Large-scale projects may require working capital to jumpstart work. ORIX Leasing Singapore can provide you the financing needed to successfully execute the project.
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Receivables Financing

Companies with a steady stream of accounts receivables can speed up their cash flow to take advantage of immediate opportunities. We can provide you with immediate liquidity by holding your receivables as collateral.
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Block Discounting

Credit companies that have hire purchase agreements with their customers can convert these agreements into cash by discounting them to us.
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